Political geography and brazilian naval strategic studies

revisiting concepts in marine spatiality

  • Alexandre Rocha Violante
  • Eurico De Lima Figueiredo
Palavras-chave: Strategic Studies, Brazilian Naval Strategic Thinking, Political Geography, Marine Spaces, Milton Santos, Vidigal


Can political geography guide brazilian social, political, and strategic thinking in order to overcome strategic vulnerabilities for sustentable national development? This research question pertains to the knowledge applied to marine spatiality. The central objective goes through the discussion of relevant concepts of Political Geography and Brazilian Naval Strategic Thinking, such as space-time compression, rationalities, versus rationality, globalization and unequal development, from classical authors such as Milton Santos and Almirante Vidigal. Their intellectual constructions, in correlation with the strategic studies, aim to establish an autonomous strategic thinking, in order to overcome internal and external political obstructions made by national politics and hegemonic power blocs to sovereignties and development of peripheral coastal States. The methodology involved the bibliographic qualitative analysis of the theme, serving as a basis for interrelations andanalyses that provided a new focus or approach to solve thequestion proposed, reaching innovative conclusions.